Theft of valued Bugatti

Bugatti owner, Joe Freeman, advises his pride and joy has been stolen.  Almost immediately after its arrival back in the U.S. from Australia, on the night of May 12-13th his Type 30 (known as “Adelaide”; Chassis 4503; engine 4384) was stolen in a locked and secured trailer parked in the lot of the Phill Reilly Restorations shop, 5842 paradise Drive, Corte Madera CA. 
               Officials from several Marin County police units and the Hagerty Insurance crime specialist are already investigating the theft, Joe believes the theft may have originated at the dock  when the car was unloaded from its container on Friday. Very few other people would have been aware of its return to the States. 
Its unlikely to come back to Australia but keep you eyes open and advise if you hear of anything.