Vale Bill Tuckey

It is sad new we learn of Bill Tuckey's passing last night. Long time editor of Wheels magazine and author of a number of books Bill was 80. Read an obituary at Wheels magazine.

Titles by Tuckey 1965, The Book of Australian Motor racing, K G Murry, 1967, The Ultimate Excitement - The Motor Race Photography of Nigel Snowden, 1979,  An old dog a hard roadstory of the Repco Rallys, Lone Tree Hill Press, 1984, The unforgiving minute - The real story of folk hero Dick Johnson, 1986, James Hardie 1000 1985/86, 1987,  The Rise and Fall of Peter Brock,  Richmond Vic, Greenhouse, 1989,  The Wynns history of famous Australian Car Trials,  Golden Press, 1999, Lion King - Commodore celebrating 21 years, Quill, 2000,  True Blue,  Edgecliff, NSW, Focus for the Ford Motor CoT, 2003, Australians and their cars, 2004, The sound and the fury - 100 years of motor sport in Australia, Focus Books, Australian International Veteran & Vintage Rally, with Berghouse, Ray, 1982, James Hardie 1000 1981/82, Lansdown PressTuckey, with Thomas Floyd,  From Redex to Repco, Australian Motoring Year 1-9 1982/83-1992, Berghouse  et al  (Ed)